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IT Support

Our specialty.  We help organizaitions utilize the right tools in order to run more lean, more efficient, and more smooth.  We have had great success helping other clients, let's add you to the list!

Brand Development

Whether it's a new logo, a mission statement, or a complete brand overhaul - we have you covered.  Our creative minds have come together to develop several successful brands. 

Multi-Platform Development

The next big thing in development.  Don't waste time (and money) hiring multiple developers for specific platfoms!  We are well versed in iOS, Android and website development, and we are here to help!

Innovation Consulting

Let us help you design, implement, and improve your products and services.  We understand the impact a positive user experience / good design can make, and can help you realize all of the above! Contact us and start creating the future.


Universally Thinking started with a blog that focused on conceiving new and innovating current products and services.  A few months later we found validation in the form of a phone call with a certain SVP of Innovation at Walmart.  Some years later, Walmart filed for a patent for a solution we discussed in our conversation.

Not only do we provide eerily accurate product feedback, we also love to serve our national non-profit community.  We hope to bring our skills, and our talents to several more organizations and really help them improve their current technological presence and methods of utilization.

In 2018 our first private app, Swagger Jukebox, reached Top 100 status on iOS (according to Apple's rankings) just 3 months after it's launch.


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